One month before your move

❏ Clean out your closets, basement and garage.

❏ Source moving boxes and start packing! Remember to label the contents in each box, and where they belong in your new home.

❏ Track moving expenses and keep receipts, since some items may be tax deductible.

❏ Find friends to help, or request quotes from a few moving companies. Get all your move details in writing, including moving insurance coverage.

❏ Transfer your household insurance to your new home.

Two weeks before your move

❏ Set up, transfer, or disconnect utilities, home services and deliveries.

BC Hydro 1(800)224-9376

FortisBC Gas 1(888)224-2710

Shaw Cable 250-760-1999

Telus 1(888)811-2323

❏ Call Canada Post at 1-866-607-6301 to have your mail forwarded.

❏ Share your new address with your family and friends.

One week before your move

❏ Clean your home from top to bottom, or arrange cleaning services.

❏ Confirm all the move details with your friends or movers.

A few days before your move

❏ Place important documents (passports, home purchase/sale papers) in a safe box and label “Do not move”, so you can transport them yourself during the move.

❏ Prepare an “open first” box with essentials you’ll need in your new home, like towels, bedding, basic kitchen and bathroom supplies, toys for the kids, paper towels, and tools.

❏ Label all keys and place appliance paperwork in one place for new occupants.

Moving day!

❏ Keep your home phone plugged in, and have a cell phone handy to stay connected.

❏ Supervise the move, and ensure furniture and boxes are placed in the right rooms.

❏ Review the movers’ bill carefully before signing. Check for damaged items.

❏ Say goodbye to your old home: check all rooms and closets for forgotten items, turn down the thermostat, lock up, and leave the keys with the landlord, new owners or real estate agent. ❏ At your new home, make sure all the utilities are on and working properly.

❏ Unpack your “open first” box, order in dinner, and thank those who helped you move.

After your move

❏ Unpack, then donate or recycle your boxes, or return your rented boxes.

❏ Change the address on your driver’s license and car insurance.

❏ Inform your bank, insurance company, accountant, lawyer, and others about the change of address.

❏ Go to Service BC (address: 460 Selby St) to apply for BC service card if you are moving from another province.

❏ Upgrade your new home if necessary according to your inspection report.

❏ Apply for schools for the kids, and join community groups.

❏ Plan your housewarming party!

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