How to find a suitable job in Nanaimo is a topic that many newcomers care about. Many people say Nanaimo is charming, but it’s not easy to find a job here.

Is it challenging to find a job in Nanaimo? In my opinion, it is easy if you do it right.

How to learn English in Nanaimo:

At the beginning of the job search, fo the population who use English as a second language, one of the most critical preparations needed is learning to speak English. After all, Nanaimo is located in Canada and is an English-speaking society. If your English is weak, it will be tough to find a job in Nanaimo.

Then how can you improve your English effectively? As a former ESL teacher, I feel that I have a say in this matter.

Based on my experience, there are three best ways to learn English.

  1. Self-study. This is a learning method that saves the most time and energy. You can use the Internet, TV, radio, talk to neighbours, practise English in shopping malls, and so on. As long as you want to learn, you can do it anytime, anywhere. If you want a local accent, go out of your home and speak English.
  2. Get a teacher. If you find it challenging to learn by yourself, then you might as well find a good teacher. Of course, one-on-one study with a teacher may be costly.
  3. School. Vancouver Island University and Newcomer Welcome Center in Nanaimo both offer free English courses. If you have time, studying in those programs is an excellent way to learn English systematically.

Of course, if you can use the above three methods in combination, it will be perfect. I believe that your English will make rapid progress in a short time.

Try hard, and better opportunities will await you in Nanaimo

Of course, at first, you might find it quite tricky. After all, our mother tongue is not English. So, if you need a job to help you quickly integrate into Canadian society, you need to hustle. As long as you try, you will eventually find yourself getting the hang of it. If you don’t believe me, check out the South Korean clerk in Nanaimo Lowe’s paint district.

I went to her for consultation and noticed that her English was very limited, and she couldn’t understand what I was trying to convey. I was extremely dissatisfied with her service, but she was a non-English native speaker and had a very positive attitude. So I decided to be tolerant.

I saw many Koreans, Indians, Chinese, as well as other non-native English speakers who cannot speak English fluently found decent jobs in Nanaimo.

From my point of view, in the early stage of searching for a job, it doesn’t matter if the starting point is low. As long as you work hard, you will definitely have something to gain. In Nanaimo, many of my friends started as clerks, ordinary staff, and junior sales. But now, they have achieved unique managerial positions. They work in various industries, such as retail, car rental, and finance. I’m convinced that anyone willing to put in hard work and dedication will succeed in their careers in Nanaimo.

Websites to Find Jobs in Nanaimo

Finding a job through the Internet is a common way for modern people. Here are a few useful sites for your reference.



Indeed is a reliable and speedy job search website, which may provide the most job opportunities of all sites. At the time of writing this article, on June 6, 2018, indeed had a total of 1,003 jobs within 25 kilometres of the city of Nanaimo, of which 30 had an annual salary of more than $100,000. According to the population ratio, Nanaimo offers more high-paying jobs than Vancouver.

Job Bank


Job Bank is the official website operated by the Canadian government. Job opportunities come from multiple websites. I feel that although this site looks authoritative, it has fewer job opportunities than Indeed.



Workopolis is also an excellent job search site. The page design is reasonable and straightforward. This site is similar to Job Bank. It is a collection of job information from other job search sites, but there are more job opportunities than Job Bank.



Kijiji is a Canadian classified information website. People can publish their ads and various information for free. There is also a job section on it, which offers a variety of part-time or hourly work. You can begin your search from the Nanaimo sub-site under Kijiji.